Workshops Provide Key Insights on the Campus Experience

December 9, 2019

During fall 2019, a series of workshops has provided new and valuable insights from the UC Berkeley campus community regarding potential updates to our Long Range Development Plan and Campus Master Plan. Conducted by Sasaki Associates and planners from UC Berkeley Capital Strategies, each workshop centered around a distinct theme and provided attendees an opportunity to share their unique campus experiences and participate in active problem-solving scenarios and brainstorming exercises.

Workshops included students, faculty, and staff with diverse experiences and perspectives, reflecting the complexity and significance of physical planning decisions reflected in the LRDP and Campus Master Plan. Themes for the workshops included: Academic Life, Equity and Inclusion, Housing, Mobility and Accessibility, Resilience and Sustainability, and the Student Experience.

In addition to large town-halls and interactive poster displays around the campus, these workshops are another opportunity for the planning team to engage in robust and in-depth discussions, and to gain new insights from interactive, hands-on activities.

To learn more about the workshop key themes, ideas and solutions discussed, and takeaways, please view the summary reports now available on the Documents Section of the LRDP and Campus Master Plan websites.