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Below are campus press releases on the UC Berkeley Long Range Development Plan as well as additional coverage on this issue.

Press Releases:

01-20-05 - UC Regents approve UC Berkeley land use plan

01-03-05 – UC Berkeley completes revised land use plan, offers document for public and UC Regents review

09-13-04 - UC Berkeley postpones review of land use plan until January, 2005

04-15-04 - UC Berkeley releases visionary land use plan; draft proposal would guide campus development through 2020
UC Berkeley released its draft Long Range Development Plan and environmental impact report, vital documents that could direct the development of the campus for the next 15 years.

09.02.03 - UC Berkeley seeks public comment on new long-range development planning
UC Berkeley is drafting a new land use plan that will help shape the look, feel and academic direction of the campus for the next 15 years.


01-19-05 - A progressive community demands progressive, responsible planning (Berkeleyan)

09.24.03 - Community shares ideas, concerns on long-range campus plans
More than 125 Berkeley residents came together on September 22 to share their thoughts, concerns and suggestions on the long-range growth and development of the University of California, Berkeley. (UC Berkeley NewsCenter)

09.03.2003 - LRDP process starts with public input
The challenge is to design a long-range plan for campus growth that balances interests, enhances the urban environment, and advances sustainable design. (Berkeleyan)

09.03.2003 - LRDP: Crafting a guiding vision
Professor Bill Webster, vice provost for academic planning, and Ed Denton, vice chancellor for capital projects, recently sat down with the Berkeleyan to discuss the new LRDP. (Berkeleyan)

Related Items:

01-19-05 - A progressive community demands progressive, responsible planning (Berkeleyan)

01.03.05 - Chancellor Robert Birgeneau's letter to the community inviting review of the revised LRDP

11.29.04 -- Two major landscape plans plot out UC Berkeley's green future (Press release)

11.17.04 -- Campus earns an 'A' in EPA review (Berkeleyan)

10.19.04 -- UC Berkeley kicks off new bus transit pass program for employees (Press release)

9.21.04 -- Thousands of invasive trees cleared in UC Berkeley fire project (Press release)

04.15.04 - Chancellor Robert Berdahl's letter to campus neighbors inviting participation in the LRDP review process.

04.14.04 – Environment-friendly land use practices at UC set the standard (Berkeleyan)

03.17.04 - Faculty who bike to work anticipate future benefits from campus bicycle plan

03.12.04 - Campus receives state water pollution award
UC Berkeley was recently awarded a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Achievement by the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) for its water pollution prevention efforts over the past several years.

09.12.03 - Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl's letter to the community explains the LRDP process and invites Berkeley residents to share their thoughts and comments.